Rummaging through old sketchbooks (11)
Rummaging through old sketchbooks (13)

Rummaging through old sketchbooks (12)

Precious Books

This sketch is similar to yesterday's, and drawn around the same time. It's called "Precious Books." The medium is conte crayon and pencil on vellum.

Below, of the same vintage, is my rough sketch for a drawing called "Girl, Pig, and Rose." I don't have a copy of the final drawing (which was a gift for Linda Moorcock, a great fan of pigs), just my quick initial sketchbook scribble, but it gives you the general idea.

Girl, Pig, and Rose - for LM

Speaking of pigs, I've been meaning to share my favorite photo from our big snow storm last month. Taken by Alex Latham (of the Chagford Filmmaking Group), and posted here with his permission, it's a picture of my step-daughter, Victoria, with one of Alex's two Kune Kune pigs (either Sherman or Blossom, I can't remember which). Like the magical pigs of Celtic myth, they live in a nearby woodland owned by Alex, his brother, and his mother, the"fairy harpist" Elizabeth-Jane Baldry.