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Solitary Hare by David Wyatt

There's another good "Around the table" chat over on Howard's John Barleycorn blog today. This time Howard and his comics-partner Rex have dragged, er, invited our good friend and neighbor David Wyatt up to our house, Bumblehill, for tea, croissants, and conversation. David, as most of you probably already know, is an amazing painter and one of the best book illustrators here in England. He's best known for his illustrations for Peter Pan in Scarlet (the authorized Peter Pan sequel) and the deliciously steampunk "Larklight" series by Philip Reeve, but he's also illustrated many other things besides, including cover art in the fantasy genre for everyone from J.R.R. Tolkien to Philip Pullman and Terry Pratchett. His personal artwork is also rooted in stories, largely stories inspired by the Dartmoor landscape.

Peter Pan in Scarlet by David Wyatt from Peter Pan in Scarlet

Training Day by David Wyatt
Training Day on Dartmoor

It was very, very hard to pick just a few pieces of David's gorgeous work to illustrate this post. You can see more of his drawings and paintings on his website, follow his art-in-process on his posterous blog (which I highly recommend), and glimpse the workspace where he conjures all these wonders in this photo in the "On Your Desk" series, posted here last month.

  David & TillySketch: A birthday drawing for Howard, with a dancing Tilly. Photo: David wth Tilly, January 2011.