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Myth & Moor


  • : The Wood Wife:

    The Wood Wife:
    A mythic novel set in the Sonoran desert of Arizona. This link goes to the US edition; a UK edition is available here; and the new French edition is here. (For those who might be interested, I did a Q-&-A session on the book over on the Good Reads site.) Winner of the Mythopoeic Award.

  • : A Midsummer Night's Faery Tale:

    A Midsummer Night's Faery Tale:
    This is the first book in the Old Oak Wood series for children, deeply rooted in the landscape and folklore of Dartmoor. I wrote the story, and the art is by master dollmaker Wendy Froud. The other two volumes are The Winter Child and The Faeries of Spring Cottage.

  • : Snow White, Blood Red:

    Snow White, Blood Red:
    The first of six anthologies containing fairy tale inspired stories for adult readers. The other volumes are: Black Thorn, White Rose; Ruby Slipper, Golden Tears; Black Swan, White Raven; Silver Birch, Blood Moon (winner of the World Fantasy Award); and Black Heart, Ivory Bones.

  • : A Wolf at the Door:

    A Wolf at the Door:
    The first of three anthologies containing fairy tale inspired stories for 8-to-12 year old readers. The other two volumes are Swan Sister and Troll's Eye View.

  • : The Green Man:

    The Green Man:
    Tales from the Mythic Forest, for YA readers. Winner of the World Fantasy Award.

  • : The Faery Reel:

    The Faery Reel:
    Tales from the Twlight Realm, for YA readers. A WFA nominee.

  • : The Coyote Road:

    The Coyote Road:
    Trickster Tales, for YA readers.

  • : The Beastly Bride:

    The Beastly Bride:
    Tales of the Animal People, for YA readers.

  • : Salon Fantastique:

    Salon Fantastique:
    New works of fantasy & mythic fiction for adult readers. Winner of the World Fantasy Award.

  • : Teeth:

    Dark fantasy for YA readers. Short-listed for the Shirley Jackson Award.

  • : Welcome to Bordertown:

    Welcome to Bordertown:
    The latest volume in a classic Urban Fantasy series for YA readers. (An Audie Award nominee, for the audio book edition.) For information on the previous books, visit the Bordertown website.)

  • : After:

    New dystopian tales for YA readers. What comes after ecological, political, technological, or cultural disaster...?

  • : Queen Victoria's Book of Spells:

    Queen Victoria's Book of Spells:
    Brand new works of "Gaslamp Fantasy" (stories set in magical version of the 19th century) for adult readers.

  • : Good Faeries/Bad Faeries

    Good Faeries/Bad Faeries
    I was the editor and folklore consultant for this wonderful book by Brian Froud.

  • The Armless Maiden: And Other Tales for Childhood's Survivors
    Adult stories inspired by fairy tales, exploring childhood trauma and the healing journey. Short-listed for the Tiptree Award.

    The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror series:
    I was the fantasy editor for these annual volumes for sixteen years; Ellen Datlow was the horror editor. The publisher was St. Martin's Press.

    All told, I've published over forty books for children, teenagers and adults. More information on my writing, editing, and art can be found on my website.


    Please note that these books are linked to Amazon because it's the only book linking system that Typepad (this blogging service) has,
    but I urge you to please support your local bookstore if you plan to purchase any of the books mentioned on this blog.

    If you prefer an online
    book service and your local shop doesn't have one, I recommend BetterWorld Books U.S. & BetterWorld Books U.K., which are ethically run and generate funds for literacy initiatives worldwide.