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Bunnies on the auction block!


I've just sent this painting off to the framers for an exhibition and auction at Monks Withecombe Gallery in Devon at the end of this month. (Click on the painting to see a larger version.) All the works in the show, including these little sleepy fellows, have been donated to raise money to preserve the beautiful public Commons in the village of Chagford. There will be work by many other artists as well, including Brian Froud, Alan Lee, Marja Kee Kruyt, Katherine Lightfoot, Chris Chapman, Susan Derges, and Stephen Dooley. Contact the gallery for  dates, times, and other information. Alas, I won't be able to see the exhibition myself -- I'll be traveling back to Arizona then, which is rotten timing.

The painting is called "Nap Time on Chagford Commons," 20 x 12 inches (unframed); medium: oil paints and pencil on canvas paper. It's based on a similar image I painted last year but which was damaged by a printing company. This exhibition gave me the excuse to re-create it, and all for a good cause.