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I have an exhibition of "mythic art for children" currently running  at The Big Red Sofa bookstore/gallery in Chagford, Devon. The show features 10 oil paintings and assorted prints and sketches, with both original works and prints for sale. The show will be up until September 5th.

The painting above, on the right, is "Bird Mother." Below is  a cropped portion of a larger painting called "Bunny Troupe."


Tumamocflame4 My friend Stu Jenks has a beautiful exhibition running at the grand old Hotel Congress in Tucson. Here's the info:

Nine Prayers: Photographs of Stu Jenks

The Hotel Congress Lobby
311 E. Congress, Tucson, AZ
July 21st - September 13th, 2008
Artist's Reception: Wednesday, August 20th, 2008, 6 - 8 p.m.

"Beginning July 21st, Stu Jenks will be displaying what he calls 'A small retrospective of large photographs' from the past eleven years. Each of the nine photographs has a personal prayer associated with it, be it the hopeful 'I pray we have a good Christmas' to the humorous 'I pray that bull doesn't get mad at me, once he finds out I don't have any food.'

"Most of the images are printed using the revolutionary Roland D'Vinci pigment printer, which give amazingly deep blacks and brillantly vibrant colors. Jenks' work ranges from mysterious nocturnal images of twinkling hoops and flaming spirals in desert and forested locales, to action photographs of Tucson Roller Derby women and of the circus troupe Flam Chen. The show is curated by David Aguirre of Dinnerware Artspace in Tucson."

Visit Stu's blog to see m
ore examples of the art that is currently on display in one of my very favorite hang-outs in Tucson.


My partner Howard and I recently did a reading together in New York City as part of the KGB Fantastic Fiction series.  Here's a photograph from the night, taken by Ellen Datlow.

Many thanks to everyone who turned up for it; to the series hosts, Ellen Datlow and Matt Kressel; and to our NYC hosts Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman. It was very nice to see some of the Endicott and mythic arts community  there too. (And to everyone we didn't get to see while we were in NY, our apologies. The trip was way too short.)

Speaking of friends, I ran into Toby Froud yesterday, working across the hall from my office here in Devon with film-maker Billy O'Brien. I learned that Toby has a brand new website now: the Toby Froud Studio, featuring his short films, puppetry, and art.  Great stuff.