My partner Howard and I recently did a reading together in New York City as part of the KGB Fantastic Fiction series.  Here's a photograph from the night, taken by Ellen Datlow.

Many thanks to everyone who turned up for it; to the series hosts, Ellen Datlow and Matt Kressel; and to our NYC hosts Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman. It was very nice to see some of the Endicott and mythic arts community  there too. (And to everyone we didn't get to see while we were in NY, our apologies. The trip was way too short.)

Speaking of friends, I ran into Toby Froud yesterday, working across the hall from my office here in Devon with film-maker Billy O'Brien. I learned that Toby has a brand new website now: the Toby Froud Studio, featuring his short films, puppetry, and art.  Great stuff.