The Spirit of the Ainu


The research into bird intelligence is amazing, and basically showing up the phrase "bird brain" as being completely wrong. For instance: tool use!

(what's very cool is that they figure that out from seeing hooks. See hook, use it, get the goodies. Presented with a straight wire, they figure out the "must make it hooky" bit)

That is *so awesome*. Having grown up in Alaska and having had wild ravens in parking lots say "Hello!" to me, I know the animals are clever, but that is *so cool*! Go corvids! :)

That actually got me choked up a little. Yes, I'm a strange girl, but I love crows.

That is incredibly cool. I've always wanted a crow or raven as a pet. Must have been that Poe obsession and Vincent Price movies when I was a kid! :)

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