Thursday Morning News

Devon musician Seth Lakeman has a new CD out, "Poor Man's Heaven," and it's fabulous. The video above (shot at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall) is for "The Hurlers," a song based on a Cornish legend attached to three Bronze Age stone circles on Bodmin Moor. William Camden, a 17th century historian, wrote that "The neighbouring inhabitants terme them Hurlers, as being by devout and godly error perswaded that they had been men sometime transformed into stones, for profaning the Lord's Day with hurling the ball."  (You can see a picture of the Hurlers here.)


I don't think I could be a more inarticulate fangirl of Lakeman's than I am!

Same for me!

I just heard from Midori's blog that you are getting married!!! Congratulations! What wonderful news... I have only met you once, at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY (2000) at a Faerie Conference, but I have been following you since I first read "The Wood Wife" in High-school; much much happiness to you. It's always a blessing to find someone you want to share adventures with :)

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