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Swanmaiden_2 The"Farewell Issue" of The Journal of Mythic Arts is now live. It's packed full of all kinds of interesting things, including a particularly rich outpouring of mythic poetry (with one poem offered in video form). As Midori says in her introductory post on the Endicott blog, it's a pleasure tinged with melancholy to offer our readers this final issue. We hope you enjoy it.

And now we turn our attention to the new Endicott projects we have afoot, so please stayed tuned. . . .


I'm sad and yet thrilled to see it and made sure to post about it on my site today as well. I hope everyone who has ever taken a moment to pop over to the former Endicott Studio site takes time to savor this issue. It looks packed with amazing things! Allow me to thank you again here for all you have done to inspire me and people like me all over the world. I am so glad that you are still in contact through this site and the new Endicott News site!

Thank you, Terri and Midori, for many years of JoMA.

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