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A drawing for a sunny Thursday....

A video for a rainy Saturday in Devon. . .

Here's an absolutely gorgeous version of the Moving on Song -- Ewan MacColl's now-classic ballad about the plight of the Gypsies in Great Britain, created for the BBC Radio Ballads series -- performed by the MacColl brothers, Chris Wood, and the fabulous singer/songwriter Karine Polwart. MacColl's work always reminds me of how art and activism can go hand in hand . . . and how important art can be in this role.

The BBC Radio Ballads were ground-breaking documentaries created by producer Charles Parker and musicians Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger in the late 1950s, weaving voices from various British communties (railroad men, fishermen, miners, boxers, Ewan_macollGypsies, people with polio, etc.) with songs written for and about them. Parker defined radio ballads as "a form of narrative documentary in which the story is told entirely in the words of the actual participants themselves as recorded in real life; in sound effects which are also recorded on the spot, and in songs which are based upon these recordings, and which utilize traditional or 'folk-song' modes of expression."



"You better get born someplace else."

This is the sort of political activism I can put my heart into.

Thank you! Now I'm tracking down Karine Polwart's music, and it's great.

Funny coincidence - I was just listening to this song as I popped over to your blog!
Your article about gypsies is fabulous Terri... with loads of lovely books to track down. We are nearly ready to get on the road with our home on wheels and face these movings-on. These tales will be perfect to read to our children in years to come :)
Happy painting to you x Rima

Incredibly poignant. Thanks for posting. I'll have to look into more of their music, it's gorgeous..

Dropping in from Midori's post to say CONGRATULATIONS!

Yes, I understand congratulations are in order! Big, best wishes!

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