Lori Field exhibition
Crow Country


I recently moved from a PC to a Mac -- and I hereby apologize to all my friends and colleagues who have been urging me to make this switch for years now. I admit it. You were right.

Learning a new operating system is exasperating, of course, but I'm slowly starting to find my way around it . . . and I love stumbling across all the funny little extra programs that came ready-loaded on my laptop -- like the one that turned me into a comic book character (above). All that's needed now is a superhero cape, and voila, I'm ready for action.

A friend suggests designing superhero outfits with "4F" on the chest (where Superman has his "S").

"And what on earth does that stand for?" I asked her.

"The League of Feminist Folklorists & Fantasists. Don't F**k with us!"