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The audacity of hope...

Sgshvs I'm back home in beautiful, chilly Devon this week, but I made sure to cast my presidential ballot before I left New York. (I'm still a U.S. citizen, despite my U.K. residence.) It sure felt good to put that puppy in the mail, especially since, incredibly, my home state of Arizona is now looking like it could swing either way. I wore my "I'm an early voter" sticker on the flight home, and it prompted some interesting conversations with British travelers eager to talk about the American election. And yes, our electoral system is deeply flawed, but it gave me a thrill to cast my ballot nonetheless. Women fought and even died to give me this right, and it's something I never take for granted.

The picture above is an AP Photo by Alex Brandon, via Colleen Mondor's Chasing Ray blog. I'm with Colleen when she says, " is a picture that impressed the hell out of me. When was the last time kids looked at a presidential candidate like he was a rock star? They're beautiful aren't they? Beautiful and ready to change the world."