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NYC Marriage Chapel signHow serendipitious! The New York Times has an article on City Hall weddings today: "Drab Setting, but Joyous Work" -- with a nice gallery of pictures here. Had our own recent wedding at City Hall been a mere two days later, we might have been pictured too.

The Times article is right, the Manhattan chapel is indeed quite drab and shabby, but it's also a facinating and fun way to tie the knot, surrounded by other couples and families from every imaginable kind of background. We enjoyed it thoroughly: no stress, lots of laughter, and it was even rather romantic, in an historic Old New York kind of way. I hope the slick "wedding destination" chapel they are planning doesn't lose the unique spirit of those funky, old rooms, so full of life and many decades worth of stories. We loved them.

Here's a picture from the old City Hall marriage chapel that you won't find in the Times today:

At New York City Hall