I finally got to see Seth Lakeman in concert on Sunday night, after two years of near-misses in all my previous attempts to do so. Lakeman is a local lad, specializing in songs inspired by the history and folklore of Devon and Cornwall, and the Great Hall at Exeter University was packed with an enthusiastic crowd. Despite a hyperactive light show that ocassionally made it hard to actually see the musicians (at least from our vantage point in the balcony), it was a terrific performance full of dazzling musicianship. Lakeman on fiddle is truly a wonder to behold.

The video above features one of the songs he performed, "Solomon Browne," off his lastest CD, Poor Man's Heaven -- though for me the highlight of the night was his solo performance, with fiddle, of an earlier song, "Kitty Jay," based on the legend of Jay's Grave. (Check out this interesting little video about the song's creation.)

I doubt I'll be able to post again this week -- I'm in the middle of buying a house and finishing an anthology -- but I'll be back when life slows down long enough. And as soon as I can get my hands on a functioning scanner, I've got some new paintings and drawings to share. 


It sounds like an amazing concert.

I hope he'll eventually tour in the USA.

I wish you the best with your house and your anthology!

Thanks so much, Grey.

Oooo, that's awesome. Thanks for the heads up!

Sending good vibes your way on the projects. Love you!

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