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My friend Iain McCaig has an amazing new book out: Shadowline, from Random House/Insight Editions. This stunningly beautiful volume compiles many years worth of paintings, drawings, film designs, book illustrations, and much, much more. The sheer range of Iain's work is jaw-dropping -- even to someone like me who has loved his art for years -- and the text is a delightful, insightful exploration of the process of telling stories through still and moving images. (Don't let the cover price put you off; this lavish volume is worth every penny and then some.)

Iain was born in the U.S., raised in Canada, studied art in Scotland, began his book illustration career in London, married a lovely woman from Portugal (with whom he's raised two childen), and has worked on films in California and around the world.  You can see some of his work here (on the Endicott Studio site ) and here (on the Gnomon Workshop site). He's also got a new blog in the works.

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Oh my goodness!

Thank you for sharing...I will definitely look into his work...it's so beautiful.

Dear Terri,I loved your novel The Wood Wife,I have read it several times with great pleasure and hope you will write more.The desert came to life and I felt that I knew the characters. I read your blog fairly regularly and always find some thing that really interests me. I do hope that Barak Obama will be able to do what he says he wants to do!The Bunnies are enchanting,I have always called my daughter my rabbit child!Well all the best to you and your new husband,love Angela Bell

That book looks amazing. You've sold me, I couldn't wait to pop over and put it at the top of my Amazon wishlist!

Thanks for the heads up on this one. Big McCaig fan here.

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