Yes we can...

Goldstar by T Windling

I've just learned that the Endicott Studio's Journal of Mythic Arts has won The World Fantasy Award -- which is a very lovely way to end its eleven-year run. (For those who don't know, the Summer 2008 issue was our last.)  We won in the "Nonprofessional" category -- I'm not sure why -- perhaps because the Endicott Studio is a nonprofit organization. (All profits made by JoMA and other Endicott projects go to charities for abused, homeless, and at-risk children.) Well heck, however they categorize us, Midori and I are delighted. We're very grateful to the WFA judges, to all the good folks who have worked on and contributed to JoMA, and to the fantasy community for supporting Endicott and mythic arts.

The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales (part of the "mythic fiction" series I edit with Ellen Datlow) didn't win in the Best Anthology category, but I'm pleased to report that the award went to an excellent book: Ellen's horror fiction anthology Inferno. Hooray, Ellen!

A full list of winners and nominees can be found here. Congratulations to everyone.