Yes we can...


...and yes we did. Very happy today.

And very sleepy, since I stayed up till four in the morning, UK time, to wait for election results with other American ex-pat friends here in Devon. Walking home through our village in the wee hours of the morning, I was filled with wonder that I'd lived to see a mixed-race candidate win the highest office in the nation, uniting supporters of all ancestries, ages, and backgrounds. (And oh, I'm so proud of my old home state of Pennsylvania -- where I personally think it was my hard-working, union-supporting brothers who put him over the top.)  Then my husband and I listened to President-Elect Obama's stirring acceptance speech on the radio. I like the fact that he talked about the hard work ahead, the importance of community service, and that we're all going to have to roll up our sleeves. I'm also delighted (and relieved) to have an unabashedly intellectual president, who understands grammar and speaks in complete sentences. As someone with working class roots who benefited greatly from a government assisted college education, I've found the strain of anti-intellectualism in modern politics both puzzling and troubling. Instead of saddling hard working men like my brothers with the demeaning label "Joe Sixpack," let's help their kids get good educations too. And then, like Michelle and Barack Obama, who knows what they might grow up to be.

Post script: I love Garrison Keillor's toast to the Obamas, which is on here.