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December 2008

Here's the trailer for Lisa Stock's short film-in-progress, "Brother and Sister" (as discussed in the December 13th post below). There's also a new website for the film. The music is by Priscilla Hernandez.

And on another not-entirely-unrelated subject, Ellen Kushner alerted me to this terrific quote from Jeanette Winterson, recently published in the New York Times:

"Art is central to all our lives, not just the better-off and educated. . . I know that from my own story, and from the evidence of every child ever born — they all want to hear and to tell stories, to sing, to make music, to act out little dramas, to paint pictures, to make sculptures. This is born in and we breed it out. And then, when we have bred it out, we say that art is elitist, and at the same time we either fetishize art — the high prices, the jargon, the inaccessibility — or we ignore it. The truth is, artist or not, we are all born on the creative continuum, and that is a heritage and a birthright of all of our lives."


Sheelanagig gig....


Sheelanagig performed in our village hall on Saturday night, setting the place on fire with music that ranged from Eastern European klezmer and gypsy music to celtic to medieval Italian folk to Russian and Latin American grooves...often within the same song. These guys, who hail from Bristol (and seemed a little surprised to find such an enthusiastic audience out here in a wee country village), are truly awesome! I recommending checking out their music, and buying a CD, or two here.


Jason de Caires

The eerily beautiful picture above is of an underwater sculpture by the English/Guyanese artist Jason de Caires Taylor. According to his website, Taylor designs his undersea creations "for marine life to colonise and inhabit, embrace the transformations wrought by ecological processes. The works engage with a vision of the possibilities of a sustainable future, portraying human intervention as positive and affirmative.  Drawing on the tradition of figurative imagery, the aim of Jason de Caires Taylor’s work is to address a wide-ranging audience crucial for highlighting environmental issues beyond the confines of the art world.  However, fundamental to understanding his work is that it embodies the hope and optimism of a regenerative, transformative Nature."

You can see more of his stunning work here.

Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister new poster copy

Filmmaker Lisa Stock (creator of Through the Cobweb Forest with artist Connie Toebe) is making a little film of my poem "Brother and Sister," inspired by the fairy tale of the same name. She sent me the pre-production photo above this week, and I think it's absolutely beautiful. For news on all of Lisa's films, flash animations and other projects, visit her website: InByTheEye.

Barth Anderson's poetic response to my poem can be found here, in the archives of the Journal of Mythic Arts (where it was published as one of JoMA's "fairy tale duets").  An annotated version of the "Brother and Sister" fairy tale appears on Surlalune. And, for a different take on the tale, I recommend Ellen Steiber's essay, "Brother and Sister: A Matter of Seeing."