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Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister new poster copy

Filmmaker Lisa Stock (creator of Through the Cobweb Forest with artist Connie Toebe) is making a little film of my poem "Brother and Sister," inspired by the fairy tale of the same name. She sent me the pre-production photo above this week, and I think it's absolutely beautiful. For news on all of Lisa's films, flash animations and other projects, visit her website: InByTheEye.

Barth Anderson's poetic response to my poem can be found here, in the archives of the Journal of Mythic Arts (where it was published as one of JoMA's "fairy tale duets").  An annotated version of the "Brother and Sister" fairy tale appears on Surlalune. And, for a different take on the tale, I recommend Ellen Steiber's essay, "Brother and Sister: A Matter of Seeing."