Another one bites the dust....
Back again...

A short leave of absence....

Devon 2009  

I'll be painting walls, packing boxes, and schlepping many, many cartons of books over the next couple of weeks, moving into a house that we've basically stripped and re-built now from top to bottom. During this period of upheaval, I won't have time to update this blog or respond to non-urgent correspondence. I'll be back in a couple of weeks, I hope -- once I dig out from under the packing boxes at the new place. See you then, thanks for all the fish and patience...and wish us luck!

The picture above: The view from the new house, looking across rooftops to the hill that is our village Commons. It's just a short walk away from my old house, Weavers Cottage, where I lived for 16 years, and which I wrote about in this essay on "The Folklore of Hearth and Home."


Hooooray for new house! Here's hoping for a smooth move!

Wish I were there to bring you bread and salt for the new house. So here is a short poem/prayer/wish instead:

The Bunny Girls Accept the Bread, the Salt

My paw to yours, a gift,
Bread for the rising,
Salt for the Seasons,
A kiss for love.
May the heart--
Like the long view of the village--
Bring comfort, joy,
and a sense of the eternal.

Love to you and yours, xxxJane

Ah, what a stunning view! Am envious in the best sense of the word. Here's wishing you and your's many blissful years of domestic harmony!

Painting walls? THAT sounds especially exciting; I hope you mean painting them into gorgeous murals. I also have something to e-mail you, but it isn't urgent, so I'll wait until February 16th! May the goblins be KIND when it comes to your move! (And a new name for the new house forthcoming.) Give mah best to Howard!

What a breathtaking landscape! Best of luck with the move, hope all goes well for you.


I wonder if in fairy tales, too, there's the chapter after the heroine fulfills her tasks and wins through to the goal--the chapter in which happy-ever-after includes scrubbing the flagstones, fixing the leaking byre roof, rescuing the roses from the weeds. Cinderella-work...but this time, her choice, and the finished product her reward.

Good luck with all the moving and schlepping. Remember to observe good body mechanics! : )

Good luck in your new house.I was in Chagford yesterday and bought a signed copy of "The Faery Reel" from The Big Red Sofa.Steve and I were returning to Truro where we live in Cornwall.We stopped off for lunch. I hope you get settled in soon and make the new house a home!Chagford is a really beautiful place and was like balm for me as we were returning from London were my lovely old Dad had just died aged 86.When he was about 80 and had had a stroke I bought him Lord of The Rings which he loved .The road goes ever on ! Angela Bell

May all be well with you and your loved ones as your new home is emerging for you.Having never been to England I am struck by the fairytale look of the landscape.Beautiful!A far cry from the desert,for sure.Having just recently read The Wood Wife for the first time I felt both haunted and entranced and am rereading it.Thanks for this piece.Best wishes in every way!

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