Sad news...
This land is our land...

I love the gorgeous, thought-provoking animation above, about the power of the written word and the media environment we live in. It's by my friend Carmen Bromfield Mason, who is currently a student at the Chelsea College of Art & Design in London.

For the shorter piece below, the students were ask to record a small child explaining how something works and then to animate the explanation. Carmen asked 7-year-old Ely Todd-Jones (who is the daughter of puppeteer William Todd-Jones, and my god-daughter) to explain what color is.... The explanation is priceless, and the animation is charming. 

You can see more of Carmen's work here.

Also, please note that an update has been added to the Ravens in the Library post (January 6th), below.



Love it! Such a beautiful moment when the young girl stops the spinning globe, with all its bad news headlines, and sends it spinning back the other way, back into the "audacity of hope," as a certain politician in the news right now would say. Such a poignant tribute to the power of stories and fairy tales. I look forward to seeing more by this young artist.

And colour as "witchcraft" ... lol!

Oh beautiful! I'm such a fan of 2D and 3D book art. To see it brought to life on video as Carmen has is simply wonderful! And I'm so glad to see a bright spot of optimism too. Her video refreshes my soul. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing more from this talented filmmaker.

love the magic from out of the blue

Charming video,book trees really appeal to me a librarian.I hope President Obama can bring us all hope and that love conquers all! from Angela

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