New York memories...

This land is our land...

Here's a video I can't watch without tearing up: Pete Seeger (in his 90s now!) performing Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land" with Bruce Springsteen and his grandson and a gospel choir in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Pete friggin' Seeger: the tireless labor and civil rights activist, blacklisted in the 1950s. Performing for a Presidential Inauguration. For an African-American president. Wow. (What must he be feeling at such a moment???) The world has shifted on its axis, and the song has never felt so true. From across the sea in cold, windy Devon, I'm very proud of my country today.

And to my gay and lesbian brothers & sisters: We will not stop until we all have equal rights under the law. For Seeger's on the stage and Obama's in the White House and mountains can be moved.

Post script: More info on Guthrie's classic song here.

Another post script: touching ads on Marriage Equality produced by below


And he sang the forbidden verse! Right there on the Mall! And everybody sang along with him. I was blown away.

Happy inauguration day!

Never mind one forbidden verse--there are at least three verses in that version I never heard before.

Made me tear up, too, the whole thing.

Today is a day of joyous tears and hope, especially hope.
As a privileged white heterosexual of the lower middle class, I feel we are redeeming ourselves and maybe providing the key to our own salvation (whatever you consider salvation to be).
I only hope I can draw enough from today to help me do what I must to aid in moving forward as a blessed community....

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