A short leave of absence....

Back again...

Okay, that leave of absence wasn't as brief as I'd intended, for the move to the new house has been harder work and more prolonged than anticipated...and the dust hasn't truly settled yet. Nonetheless, I managed to carve out some time to get back into my quiet office today. (How lovely to be in a room with no walls to paint and no boxes to unpack!) I'm eager to turn my thoughts from issues of plumbing and electrics to art and myth and fiction again...just as soon as my exhausted brain and body and tired, work-swollen hands will allow.

The poignant and magical video below is "World Builder" by Bruce Banit. It reminds me of the worlds we build when we make fiction...or a new home...or any other act of creativity...


Hooray for art, myth, and fiction, and for Conquering the Move!

Welcome back, sweetie. I hope the new house is everything you want it to be.

Good news, and good to read you here again. Congratulations!

Hurrah, the conquering artist! (And the failing one, too.)

Wow! That film was magical! It makes me want to go home and keep writing. Most inspiring!
Good to see you back here, I missed your posts.

Good to see you back!

Yeah, but I bet all your walls are a truly awesome color.

Welcome back! We've missed you.

Hello,I hope your hard work has made a home of your new house.We were stopping off at Chagford after my dear Dad's funeral in London and I bought a book of yours,signed too from The Big Red Sofa.The stories have been a solace ,other worlds. I did miss your blog even though I have never met you I enjoy your site.You like many of the things I like. I loved The Woodwife,I told a friend in London about it and she tracked it down and has loved reading it,it is doing the rounds of her other friends now.It is quite hard to get hold of.Best wishes

Pictures of the new place. We want pictures.


That was a wonderful short film. Poignant is right. And quite beautiful. I'll be sharing that, thank you for posting it.

Thanks, everyone! Jane: I'll take some pictures this weekend. The difference between the Before and After shots should be fairly dramatic...

Welcome back! So glad to hear your move is behind you. They always take so much more than anticipated, both in time and energy. Wishing you many years of happiness and inspiration in your new home!

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