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Lori Field There's a brief but interesting interview with painter Lori Field on the Accidental Mysteries blog (scroll to the Tuesday May 26 entry). This little snippet intrigued me:

John Foster: Your work has a very surreal quality to it, with figures morphing into animals and plants. Also, all of your figures have over-sized heads and exist in an world of obsessive patterning. How did you get to this point in your work currently?

Lori Field: Not all of my creatures have oversize heads, but most do. The oversized head is a way of emphasizing the strangeness of the figures (as if having animal heads for hats and radical tattooing didn’t do the trick). I also like to tilt the head on the neck sometimes in a way that looks almost painful, broken, to emphasize the creatures otherworldly-ness and vulnerability. If they were the same as us, mere humans, they couldn’t live with their necks so twisted and distorted. They couldn’t live with their heads so large and heavy on their necks. They are supernatural and odd.

Lori's own terrific blog (Saints, Warriors, Tigers, Lovers, Flowers, Art) is here, and her portfolio website is here.


Terry, you are so sweet to keep following my work and even my interviews. I hope we get the chance to meet some day.

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