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In the studio...

I'm still limping along without a proper scanner, and as I sort out my studio (preparing for the Chagford Art Festival Open Studios in two weeks time), I'm suddenly aware that there are a lot of paintings and drawings kickin' around the place that I haven't been able to show you here. So I'm resorting to my digital camera again...with apologies for the fuzziness of the reproduction.  (The color is a bit off as well...the paintings themselves are somewhat softer in tone...but you'll get the general idea.)

These images are from a series of three long, narrow paintings called The Earth Mother Triptych. Click on the pictures to see larger images, and click here to see the paintings in full.



These are beautiful. I especially love the third, with the vine growing around her skirt. I don't know if I ever told you, but I hung the drawing I have of yours near my bed, so I would see it last thing at night, and first thing in the morning. Your art gives me such joy.

They are truly beautiful, so soft and delicate.

I am so happy to have discovered your blog! I am the author of The Secret Remedy Book (illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin), and I love anything to do with children’s literature and children’s art, either for or by children, so it is wonderful for me to read your thoughts and to view your enchanting art. I absolutely love your rabbit-ear children! They are endearing beyond words. And you stretch my mind, heart, and soul into mythical dimensions. One of my favorite words is “folkloric” and I feel that describes your blog very well. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world! From Kari (rhymes with starry) in Texas.

When. . .WHEN . . .are you going to do the long promised Rabbit Girls picture book? I swear, woman, I will write it myself if you don't get to it!


beautiful - i so admire your delicate style

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