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Another one of my Earth Mother / Mother Nature / Green Woman figures, surrounded by sundry little critters. I call this painting "Creativity," for her pregnancy is a symbolic one.

My apologies, once again, for the quality of the reproduction; these are just shots from a digital camera rather than a proper scan. If you click on the pictures, you'll see slightly clearer versions.


Lovely. I especially love the nest in her hair/canopy.

Those are charming. I am particularly fond of your use of pencilled text with the images.

I've been lurking on your RSS feed for a few weeks, and will let you know when the publishing date is announced for that interview...

I like how the rabbits are almost a part of her dress, like a ruffle. or furbelow, all around her. Very lovely!

Hi Terri :-)

So Lovely. I especially love Her 3 little attendants/people. xo

This is so enchanting and wonderful! I love it.
bunny hugs,

She's at that great stage of pregnancy. You can see it in her face.

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