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'Busy getting ready for Open Studio tomorrow...


More info (and maps for the Open Studios Art Trail) are available from the Chagford Arts Festival box office in the village square.

If you're here for the weekend, be sure not to miss the showing of "Cherry of Zennor: A Cornish Fairy Tale" by Elizabeth-Jane Baldry and the Chagford Filmmaking Group. Established by Elizabeth-Jane (who is a professional harpist in her other life), the CFG is dedicated to filming the magical folk tales of the British Isles, while involving as many local kids as possible in the film-making process. The film is on at 10:40 Sunday morning at the Jubilee Hall -- but come at 10:30 and catch the premier of "Heist," a short film by two young Chagford animators, Diggery North and Freddie Crowley.

Also of interest: A rare showing of the silent film "Sunrise," a 1927 cinematic masterpiece, with an introduction and live harp music soundtrack by Elizabeth-Jane. That's on at the Jubilee Hall at 7:00 on Saturday night.

The road to the Border...


I'm in a bit of a rush today, so all I have time to say is that there's Borderland news, and you can learn more by popping over to Ellen Kushner's LiveJournal page and to Holly Black's LJ page.

The drawings above are by Iain McCaig, by the way. And for a bit more Border magic in your day, check out this lovely tune, "The Bordertown Waltz," by Bordertown reader Gina Donahue.

(Don't know what the heck Borderland is? Go here.)