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The road to the Border...


I'm in a bit of a rush today, so all I have time to say is that there's Borderland news, and you can learn more by popping over to Ellen Kushner's LiveJournal page and to Holly Black's LJ page.

The drawings above are by Iain McCaig, by the way. And for a bit more Border magic in your day, check out this lovely tune, "The Bordertown Waltz," by Bordertown reader Gina Donahue.

(Don't know what the heck Borderland is? Go here.)


Yeah!! I have been re-reading my Borderland books and wishing there were more to read...thanks for granting my wish!

I can't help thinking, as I re-read these books, that there is something very timely about them. Yes, they have a very 80's dystopian feel to them, but recently I have been feeling like I am living in a real dystopia. The borderland books have been my respite from the burdens of this crazy world humanity has made.

This is quite possibly the best birthday gift I have ever received. You have no idea. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and many other grovelling happy fangirl type squeals besides!

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