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Ice Bear Update

The Ice Bear

Back in July I posted on the Ice Bear project...and now the magnificent Bear, created here in Devon, is striding out into the world. Here's the latest news from Mark, Todd, Nick, and the rest of the Ice Bear team:

The Bear is going up in Copenhagen today, timed to coincide with the big UN Conference on Climate Change; the Bear's next appearance will be in London's Trafalgar Square on Friday, December 11th.

And after that? No plans are confirmed just yet, but it's hoped that the Bear will tour around the world. This depends on finding more funding, of course -- both organizational sponsorships and private donations, large or small. If you or your organization can help, go here to learn more about the project, and here to become a Friend of the Bear.

As we speak, four of my Chagford friends -- Roger & Claire Ash-Wheeler, Yuli Somme, and Yuli's daughter Kesella (who has been working with Todd as part of the Ice Bear support team) -- are traveling by bicycle all the way from Chagford to London in order to raise money for the Bear, and to join The Wave (the big climate change march). You can read Kesella's blog about the journey here, and sponsor them (it's not too late!) by dropping a line to: kesella@icebearproject.org.

Updated to add: You can watch a live stream of the Copenhagen Ice Bear here.