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December 2009

The last days of my Painting Sale...


I'm officially out of the office this week -- but popping in briefly just to remind folks that this weekend marks the end of my Studio Clearance Sale -- with paintings offered at half their usual prices. The sale ends on Monday, Jan. 4. (If there's anything you're particularly hankering after but can't afford immediately, installment payments can be arranged....)

I hope you're all having a good holiday season, and that your New Year's Eve sparkles with magic.


The Tilly Report: A five-month-old puppy's first Christmas

Tilly opened presents, ate, played games, ate, ran free in her newly fenced-in garden, ate, went for a community Christmas walk with a large group of human and canine friends, ate some more, napped a little, ate again. A good day for the puppy.

And now, of course, she's wondering why every day can't be Christmas....

Christmas morning

Christmas morning wake-up stretch, on her William Morris pillows.

Tillys 1st Xmas Waiting for the canine Santa. "Are all these presents for me...?"

Tilly's ChristmasChristmas portrait.

Happy Solstice

Brother and Sister film

Lisa Stock's short film "Brother and Sister" is set in a magical, snow-covered landscape that is perfect for a dark Solstice Eve. Inspired by a poem of mine, which in turn was inspired by a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm, the film stars Seth Harris and Michelle Santagate, with gorgeous music by Priscilla Hernandez. Shot in New York City last winter, the completed film can now be viewed online.

Lisa recommends starting with the "Brother & Sister: Behind the Scenes" clip, and then moving on to the film itself. Both can be found on the Vimeo site.

My heartfelt thanks go to Lisa and the InByThe Eye crew for turning a few simple words on a page into a dreamlike, haunting, and myth-shadowed vision on film. I feel honored indeed.

Stone Stories

Near Scorhill 17 copy

My husband, step-daughter, the dog and I took a winter's walk on Scorhill Down -- a mystical slice of moorland just past the nearby hamlet of Gidleigh. Greeted by Dartmoor ponies, we followed the boundaries of a farmer's field...

Ponies near Scorhill 2009

Near Scorhill a track leading onto the open moor...


...where a circle of standing stones...

Scorhill Stone Circle 2009

... whispered Bronze Age secrets only the pup could hear.

Dog with standing stoneScorhill

We traveled on to the Wallabrook...

The Wallabrook

...crossed a clapper bridge...

Man and dog

...and followed its length...

Clapper Bridge over the Wallabrook The Wallabrook 2

...until it was time to head home...

Tilly and Victoria on Scorhill Down the dying sun faded into mist.

Ghosts in a Stone Circle