Happy Solstice
The Tilly Report: A five-month-old puppy's first Christmas


Lovely bunnies! :)Happy christmas Terri and a happy new year!xx

Oh so lovely!
Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to you as well :)

What a beautiful little line drawing - classic - just a hint of Lizbeth Zwerger to it.

Wanted to take a moment, just before it is too late, to wish you a very Merry Christmas! I hope that the final days of this year find you surrounded by the love and laughter of family and friends.

I am just looking at your website for the first time. I don't know alot about you or alot about your works but I first became aware of you when I started buying the fantasy anthologies you were involved with (this is almost 20 years ago now), I kept finding myself buying books over the years that you have had something to do with.

I feel very excited glancing at your website and I think I shall have to come to your website more then once and learn more about your work and start to explore it. Very inspiring so far!!

I have just recently read the book "Book of Ballads" which you did the introduction for; very interesting introduction, really got my wheels turning and I definately intend to check out the references both in terms of old ballads, their histories and also the music (awesome music choices!). I wrote a blog about the book (well and relating thoughts that are intergrated with talking about the book), if you are interested, you can see it here:

I really love your drawing you have posted up, it's ever so very cute.
I love your art, so inspiring!!


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