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Happy Solstice

Stone Stories

Near Scorhill 17 copy

My husband, step-daughter, the dog and I took a winter's walk on Scorhill Down -- a mystical slice of moorland just past the nearby hamlet of Gidleigh. Greeted by Dartmoor ponies, we followed the boundaries of a farmer's field...

Ponies near Scorhill 2009

Near Scorhill a track leading onto the open moor...


...where a circle of standing stones...

Scorhill Stone Circle 2009

... whispered Bronze Age secrets only the pup could hear.

Dog with standing stoneScorhill

We traveled on to the Wallabrook...

The Wallabrook

...crossed a clapper bridge...

Man and dog

...and followed its length...

Clapper Bridge over the Wallabrook The Wallabrook 2

...until it was time to head home...

Tilly and Victoria on Scorhill Down the dying sun faded into mist.

Ghosts in a Stone Circle


You have such a beautiful, beautiful family, Terri. My love to all of them.

Beautiful photos of a wonderful place. We visited Dartmoor a couple of years back, and it's been on my mind ever since. Yearn, yearn, yearn. Thank you for the photos!

What a magical place!

Wow. Thank you for sharing your photos, it's like a vacation for me just to see these beautiful scenes and imagine myself there also.

You have transported me with your beautiful photos. How I wish I could be there. (It helps, I think, that I have two dogs who look just like your dog!)

Thank you, Terri - your pictures and writing are so inspiring!

What an incredible place! I especially love the stone bridge and the circle of stones.

ok...that's it....I have to plan on visiting you all next'll have to be after Mary dies, but I'll be coming hopefully soon, if you'll have to howard and the doggie from me


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