More snow this week....
Fantastic news!


Good luck and God-speed!

Can you five me more information on this picture? I was excited by the fact that the two children appear to be book lovers, yet I was disappointed that neither of them are actually reading. 'She' appears to be musing, which may mean something, while he appears to be downcast. And what are the titles of the 2 books on the top?

five = give

The picture comes from an old sketchbook of mine. I don't think the top two books actually ever had titles, so they can be whatever ones you'd most like them to be. The title, or caption, I wrote under the drawing was:

"Tell us a story," they insisted. "An old one. Or a new one."

Make of that what you will...

I'm off now. See you all again post-deadline!

Deadlines, shmedlines, just do the dang work.


Yes ma'am!

Terri - I love Rob's question, and your answer! Knowing the kids are waiting for a story (and seeing that pile of books right there) makes it a terrifically moving & poignant picture for me.

Good luck!

It sounds like a lot.Please take care,addressing what needs to be and especially yourself with loving attention.

Sorry that deadlines are stressing you out, but I must admit it gives me hope that perhaps there will be another Terri Windling book soon. We sell many of the books you've worked on, but 'The Wood Wife' is one of our all-time favourites. Wishing you well and looking forward to your next literary delight.

Love this site. Especially taken with your landscapes made black and white by the snow. Reminds me of New England in my childhood.

Hope you feel better soon.

I don't have a deadline, and it's actually worse than having one.


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