Let it snow, let it snow
On my walk to the office this morning....

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

The Snowflake Dance

The Weather Gods have turned my Devon village (and most of England) into a winter wonderland of snow, and Normal Daily Life has come to a screeching halt. Yesterday the little lanes leading into the village were completely blocked, cutting us off from the rest of the world. Today they are marginally better...but we're told that another snow storm is on the way, perhaps even bigger than the first. We've stocked up on food, dog treats, and coffee, and are preparing ourselves for an exciting weekend.

In this pause between storms, I hiked down the icy roads into my office to check up on email and editorial commitments, and to post these photographs. This is Tilly's first experience of snow. She is, as you can see, utterly ecstatic. I love her "Snowflake Dance" in the picture above, which reminds me of the Snoopy Dance -- a childhood favorite.  

Puppy in the Snow
Tilly's First Snow
Jumping the Stream

A puppy's first snow

Tilly and Howard
A puppy's first snow

Tilly and me(Hat and scarf made by Emma Bull.)

View-toward-village-Commons (Click on photos to enlarge.)




Magic, pure magic, I wish I was there to experience it. Tilly's reaction is rather like mine (and my husband's), on a train through Switzerland in 1999, only I was 33 at the time! An elderly couple from the US were more than a little amused at our behaviour, as we were bouncing backwards and forwards from one side of the carriage to the other, exclaiming loudly to each other "Look! Snow! Look! Snow on a car! Snow on a roof! Look, it's SNOWING!" They asked us, "It doesn't snow where you come from, does it?!"

These pictures are gorgeous. Devon is no less photogenic in snow than the green glory of summer--no surprise there. And Tilly shows up so well against it.

wow, winter wonderland indeed!

Snow nose! I love dogs with snow on their noses.

We have more snow than you do and it's snowing even more as I type, but we don't have those amazing Tolkienian trees.


Stunning. I haven't seen snow since I was a little girl in Tasmania. How I miss it. Sydney is so humid at this time of year. xx

I remember the world coming to a halt when I was a child in RI and it seemed to snow mountains every time. I think it was now only a few inches, but there were no plows to clear roads, so no school until the roads and driveways were cleared. It was amazing, seeing everyone out in the roads, but you never wanted to be the first out there, to place that first footprint in that pure, white, glistening, magical world. We also went outside to play in the snow at school- only staying in during torrential downpours- not like today's schools where they stay inside because "it's too cold." I miss those days. Here in Heath, MA (Western MA, practically VT) there is school and work so long as the towns have enough budget left to plow, sand, and salt the roads. No time to relax, enjoy, and play. Even if there's a foot of snow overnight- it's often gone from the roads by morning. Thank you for these magical views, Terri!

Just realized I misspelled my own name! (My mother's maiden name is McVeigh, so it must have been that & not awake yet that caused the typo- yeah, that's it!)

Just curious, how much snow has fallen so far?

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