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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Let it snow, let it snow


Above, the view of the village square from my studio window at noon today.

Below, the studio building last night when the snow began. (My windows are the ones on the left, over the wine shop, Best Cellars.)

I love the snow, which turns this already-picturesque village into a timeless and magical place -- but I don't love the cold that comes with it, seeping through every crack in the drafty Victorian building which houses our studios. Lately I've been work in layers of clothes, socks, and fingerless gloves, feeling like a little polar bear....

Studio building in the snow


Just signed up to your RSS feed. I used to love the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies you did with Ellen Datlow. The photograph above looks so vintage, it took me a moment to notice the car. Snow here too. I've never seen such an extended period of snow, ice and freezing in the UK - though I suppose if I lived in the Highlands I would.


Looks just like a fairy tale.

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