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April 2010

What Love Sculpts from Us

Today marks the end of April, and these final two poems
mark the end of National Poetry Month.*
They are last, but far from least:

"Raven Moon" by Anita Endrezze
One of the most beautifully mythic poems I know.
It's simply stunning.

"If They Come in the Night" by Marge Piercy
One of my favorite poems of all time, engraved on my heart.
These are words I try to live by.

Today's art is by Mark Wagner


* The end of the month came 'round so quickly and there were so many terrific poems and poets I never got to. For more mythic and magical poetry, I recommend visiting the "Sunday Poem" archives from the Endicott blog, the poetry archives of The Journal of Mythic Arts, and the archives of the Goblin Fruit poetry webzine.