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Thumper by Brian FroudI'm still off dealing with health issues as the moment (and may continue to be for awhile), but I'm popping in quickly just to say that there's a Question and Answer session about The Wood Wife this week over on the Endicott Mythic Fiction Group's pages at Goodreads, if you're interested.

 While you're there, take a look at their previous Q&A with Christopher Barzak, Small  Rabbit Trickster on Chris's terrific novel One For Sorrow, which is eloquent and fascinating.

(The drawing to the left is of "Thumper," from The Wood Wife, by Brian Froud. The other sketches are by me, of course. And you'll find an article on hare and rabbit lore here if, like me, you're partial to the critters.)

Thank you for all your kind "get well" messages on my last post.


I love The Wood Wife, one of my all time favorite books! I look forward to reading more in the Goodreads section!

I am so sorry to hear that you are ill. I am sending you healing thoughts...

The Wood Wife is one of my all time favourites too. Look forward to your next adult novel when it happens, is The Moon Wife still a work in progress? Love that title!

So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Here's to you being much recovered & on the mend at the soonest!

I love the painting of 'Thumper'. I hope you are feeling a bit better by now. Take care!

There's an answer to this question and more on the Goodreads Q&A page...

Thanks for asking!

Thanks, everyone. I'm winding my way back to the Land of the Living...slowly unfurling like the spring plants in our garden....

Ok, I just found your blog completely by accident. I'm so pleased I did! Your sketches are absolutely gorgeous and enchanting. As a fellow artist, I'm very inspired. I spent all my childhood drawing fairies and now I'm determinedto go back to that {I say 'all my childhood', I'm only 16 at the moment} Thank you for sharing your wonderful sketches :)

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