The View From Your Window*
The "Beastly Bride" Author Interview Series

The View From Your Window*


The photo above was sent in by William Todd-Jones, who lives in my Devon village but is currently working on a film set on Lake Powell in Utah. Todd writes:

The view from my window is one of borrowed beauty.

Eons old, compressed in grain... forced back to light, by flexing crust,
Navaho Sandstone, shaped by wind and rain, frozen, baked... from dust, to dust.

Ancient dunes by nature hewn, show ossified memory in vermillion cliffs.
Time, action and waters ruin, leaves expansive monoliths.

But for a moment, in desert land, the cycle of form and collapse is slowed.
Hominids learnt to mix lime with sand, waters passage held mid flow.

And from my window with subjective eyes, a transient beauty catches breath.
Retina interprets reflected lines, beauty borrowed before dark & death.


Above: a hauntingly lovely photograph from Kel Flowers in Australia. "This was taken out of my lounge room window," Kel writes. "It's raining, misty and cold - I love Autumn! I live in a wee tiny mountain town in Tasmania."

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* The original "View From Your Window" series was created by blogger Andrew Sullivan. Please check out the "View From Your Window" photos he posts on his Atlantic Monthly blog, which are sent in by readers from all around the world.