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The View From Your Window*

The View From Your Window*

May 14, 2010 002
May 14, 2010 014

Above: Two photos sent in by Cathy Francis, of The Flying Dragon Bookshop in Toronto, Canada. She writes: "Last year I moved to this neighborhood when we sold our family home in Toronto. (People ask me if I miss it and I really only miss the magnolia tree.) It was a wonderful place to raise our children but after they left home we decided to build a timber frame up near Algonquin Park. That is now what we call 'home' and where the family gathers. We down-sized to a Art Deco complex that I have loved since childhood. Now the 'view from my window' looks out on one of four courtyards that are grouped around a large central courtyard, where there is a grove of ash and linden trees. I love walking the dog in the evenings along the paths lined with cedar hedges and in the morning walking to the bookshop under the gnarly branches of the weeping elms and mulberries."

Next, we have three photos sent in by C. Merry  on the Lower East Side of Manhattan (New York City):


Above: "This is looking toward the Williamsburg Bridge," says Christian; "it crosses right behind the big red building."

Below: "We have a resident squirrel who has built a nest in an old metal table on our balcony. (That's Patches lounging in the corner there.)  The balcony is right in the trees so in the summer it's like being in a our own little city treehouse."



The photos below come from Carrie Osborne in Somerset, England:

View 2
View 1

Carrie writes: "My daughters opened their curtains this morning to find a daring visitor perched precariously on the window sill! He's quite a long way up and watching the swallows nesting in the eaves and the goldfinches in the garden....In the evening this window is filled top to bottom with all the changing colours of westward twilight, soft with owl calls; and with the fleet flickerings of bat wings in summer."

People have asked me if they can send their photos in over the weekend, so I'm extending the deadline until Sunday evening. I should have made it clear that I'm looking for pictures of what's out your window right now (I believe all the photos here have been taken this week), but I'm going to make an exception for the wonderful photos below, shot in January and sent in by Luciana Lhullier. She writes: "I live in Southern Brazil, and I took those photos from my city apartment window on January 29th, a Friday, the night the Moon was at the closest distance from the Earth. In Portuguese we call that ''perigeu' . I believe in English it is called 'wolf moon'. Is that right?"
Yes, indeed!



* The original "View From Your Window" series was created by blogger Andrew Sullivan. Please check out the "View From Your Window" photos he posts on his Atlantic Monthly blog, which are sent in by readers from all around the world.