The View From Your Window*
The "Beastly Bride" Author Interview Series

The View From Your Window*

Stu's Window for Terri #1

Above: The view from the window of photographer Stu Jenks in Tucson, Arizona. "This shot was taken from my little balcony at my apartment in The Catalina Foothills," Stu says. "I work on my photos on a desktop in the living room, and I record music at my studio in Downtown Tucson, but I write on my laptop, sitting on my Civil War bed in the early afternoon, using an old folded wool blanket as the pedestal for my Apple. And I can see this view through the screen door as I type. Not a bad place to write at all. Not at all. And for those of you not from the Sonoran Desert, that's a Saguaro cactus and a Palo Verde tree on the right, an Ocotillo on the left and a Mourning Dove resting in the Ocotillo. A lovely sunset today as well."

Below: The view from Michelle Simkins' window in western Oregon. She writes: "This is the view through our patio door, when sitting at the kitchen table. In our Oregon valley we get a lot of fog, and I love to write at the dining room table on foggy mornings so I can look out at the foggy trees and hill.

* The original "View From Your Window" series was created by blogger Andrew Sullivan. Please check out the "View From Your Window" photos he posts on his Atlantic Monthly blog, which are sent in by readers from all around the world.