The View From Your Window*
The View From Your Window*

The View From Your Window*


Above: Two photographs from Rossitsa, a puppet theatre director in Bulgaria. The first shows her current view, the second shows how that same view looked during the past winter. She says: "The window looks at the church St. George, the patron saint of my town Rousse in Bulgaria. It's always exciting and inspiring to watch through it how the seasons change. It's so beautiful...and calming!"

Rossitsa's recent puppet show "Rapunzel," inspired by the oldest versions of the story, has just won has the Best Performance Award and the Children's Jury Award at Lutfest, the International Puppet Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnja and Herzegovina. Congratulations!

Below: A Los Angeles window view from artist & writer James Graham, who is recuperating from a motorcycle accident. James says: " The view from my home studio window is boringly bucolic. I really can't believe I live here. This is the first time I have lived in a house and not a warehouse since leaving the Brooklyn hippy slum I grew up in thirty one years ago. I still feel like a trespasser in the middle class. I have sure as hell appreciated this view all winter, stuck in a wheel chair looking out of the window. It was this sunny even as the rest of the world was buried in snow!"


* The original "View From Your Window" series was created by blogger Andrew Sullivan. Please check out the "View From Your Window" photos he posts on his Atlantic Monthly blog, which are sent in by readers from all around the world.