The View From Your Window*
The View From Your Window*

The View From Your Window*

Above and below: the views from Ellen Kushner's windows in New York City. Ellen says: "The first picture is actually the photo from our (Delia Sherman's & my) livingroom, where I have gone to spread out to edit the new Bordertown anthology, as my study had gotten to the 'so cluttered I can't even think in here' stage.  The view from my study, in the next room, is pretty much the same, though, minus the fairy.  He may seem a bit twee, but remember that we live in Manhattan - and in a neighborhood full of kids; so maybe one or two of the multitude who are walked to and from school by various caretakers have looked up and seen the profile against our curtains at night, and wondered....  The stained glass was a wedding present from our amazing friend, the Boston glass artist Alice Johnson.

"We really do live in the concrete heart of NYC;  I feel incredibly lucky to have the trees of Riverside Park out my window.  In summer, it's a thick wall of green - but in winter,  the bare trees reveal layer after layer of city landscape - on a clear day, all the way across the Hudson River to New Jersey."

The second picture is the view from Ellen's study window, taken during the snow storms of this past winter.

Ellen Kushner 2 The original "View From Your Window" series was created by blogger Andrew Sullivan. Please check out the "View From Your Window" photos he posts on his Atlantic Monthly blog, which are sent in by readers from all around the world.


I love the fairy window design. :) I wonder where I can find a design like that for my kid's window. She loves fairies so much. The snowy view from the outside and the colorful stained glass complement each other so well. The colorful design made the white snow look much more beautiful.

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