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The good folks who produced the Mythic Journeys conferences asked me to post the following information:

Mythic Imagination Sponsors First Faerie Escape


Mythic Journeys guests Charles Vess, Ari Berk, Honora Foah, Kristen McDermott, Bill Bridges and others plan to reunite August 14 - 15, 2010 in Atlanta for the first Faerie Escape in the United States. The faerie-themed convention brings together conversations on faeries, fairy tales and their psychological and ecological themes. It also includes workshops on costuming, writing, faerie house construction and more; children's programming; and celebrations of all things faerie-related. 

"Faeries symbolize far more than just the mischievous, irrepressible side of human nature. Fairy tales have always taught lessons of importance to all people, be it respect for our environment, secrets of our psyches, or even not to travel alone into dark woods," said Andrew Greenberg, director of Faerie Escape: Atlanta and co-director of Mythic Journeys. "The lessons apply as well now as they did 1000 years ago."


The Escape's theme, "Into the Woods, into the Alleys," reflects both traditional thoughts on faeries as well as more modern interpretations presented in Vess's work in "Stardust" and Berk's in "Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Letters." It also examines how ideas about faeries and fairy tales now encompass both rural and urban settings.

More information can be found at


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It sounds terrific, doesn't it? I won't be there myself, alas. My only trip to the U.S. this year is for the Sirens conference, where I'm a Guest of Honor along with Holly Black and Marie Brennan, and where the focus is on faeries in fantasy literature. Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman have promised to come along too. Sirens takes place in Vail, Colorado in October. Perhaps I'll see some of you there?

The art at the top of the post is one of my favorite paintings by Golden Age illustrator Arthur Rackham. The little bird critters are by Alan Lee, and come from Faeries, the now-classic volume by Alan and Brian Froud.


Hi- This sounds like a lot of fun. Alas, I doubt that I will be able to travel that far, and there ar plenty of fairies here in Oregon.
I do want to pass on a great group called 'The Fairyland Trust". It's in England there, but I think the folks in the US need to get something like this going too. Their site is below.

Sounds wonderful...sigh...I think I was just born in the wrong country! I look at photos of Faery and Renaissance Festivals in the UK and US and get very jealous indeed. Can't see a bunch of Aussies doing anything like that, if it involves Aussie Rules football and/or beer, sure, but Faerie Conventions?! About the only time Australians get dressed up is when they wear silly hats in team colours at the Football Grand Final! I should probably mention that I hate football...definitely born in the wrong country!!!

I know what Christina means, I'm living in Berlin where there isn't a lot of interest in fairy tales (surprising considering the heritage of the Grimm Brothers). But one finds it rooted here more in music – mediaeval folk and pagan, etc. which I see as related (sort of). Oh well, must get back to my Anglican origins one day... Lovely Rackham above, by the way.

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