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On What Makes a Family

Fairies c by T Windling Thoughts from a Foster Family is a terrific blog that I've been following, on and off, for a long while now. I'm not sure how I first stumbled across it, but I suppose it grabbed my interest partly because I spent a bit of time in foster care myself, and partly because I'm fascinated by the many nontraditional ways that families are formed. Yondalla, who writes the blog, is a foster parent with a particular commitment to GLBT teens. I was particularly moved by her post "Being his mom..." (dated May 18th; I'm a little behind on my reading), which I can relate to through my own experience of becoming a step-mother this past year. It's a lovely post and I thought I'd share it with you -- for the creativity required to make a family work is not entirely unrelated to the creativity of making a novel or a painting or any other form of art. They are all works of craft, design, and intent leavened by faith, patience, and a dollop of magic.

Speaking of GLBT teens, here's a passionate post by a teen blogger/book reviewer looking for more GLBT books in his local library in Kentucky. 


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