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Tuesday's Tune

Tunes for a Monday morning

I'm loving "Beachcomber's Windowsill," the new CD by the Oxford band Stornoway (above), and Laura Marling's latest, "I Speak Because I Can." (You'll find Marling's latest videos on her website.)

Seth Lakeman has a new CD due out later this month: "Hearts and Minds" -- and he'll be playing at Chagstock, our little local music festival, again this year in mid-July. (I'll be there too, if the timing works out right and my health permits, selling paintings and prints in the Art Tent. Perhaps I'll see some of you fellow West Country folks there?) A good summer for music indeed.

(Previous music recommendations can be found here.)


Synchronicity (for the second time in 2 days actually, but that's another story!) I heard this just yesterday on our local community/volunteer radio station, as the presenter was showcasing acts that are appearing in the 'Meltdown' Festival in London. I'd never heard of Stornoway before. It's beautiful

Fantastic! Thank you!

You're welcome! Good music, like good fiction, deserves to be shared.

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