Big Painting Sale
Rummaging through old sketchbooks (39)


Another great quote. This one is going on the bulletin board above my painting desk.

I'm loving this "Rummaging Through Old Sketchbooks" series. Would love to have a published facsimile sketchbook of your drawings.Publishers out there, please take note.

Very excited about the painting sale (though sorry for the reasons for it.) Am trying to scrape together the pennies to actually own an original Windling, too good an opportunity to miss, plus want to help out. I know all to well what havoc health care bills can cause in a family having dealt with this in ours some while ago. (And did the same thing actually, sold a bunch of paintings for less than they were worth to raise cash fast. I know then from personal experience how hard it can be to sell things that you've worked hard on for less than they are really worth and I commend you for it. I'm sure your relative appreciates the love in this sacrifice as well as the cash. Mine did.)

How long will the sale last, and will you be listing any drawings?

The sale runs to the end of this month . . . and yes, I may try to put up a drawing or two. I'll post it here if I do. Thanks for your kind words, Jon, and I hope your own relative is doing better now.

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