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The Bumblehill Studio

I promised to post some photographs of my current workspace (The Bumblehill Studio) when I first moved in five months ago. In the "Better Late Than Never" department: here, at last, is a picture of my magical hillside cabin.

I liked my previous studio in a building full of artists down in the village square, so I hadn't anticipated leaving it...but when this cabin became available, I snapped it up, and I'm so glad I did. It's very close to home, reached from our back yard through a little gap in the hedge, so Tilly can join me here easily, and she loves it just as much as I do. The cabin was designed & built by an eco-architect out of primarily recycled materials, including big plate glass windows looking down over the hills, wooden beams, and a roof of tin. It's large enough enough that it is easily divided into a writing/editing space and a painting studio, and it has a little garden with a wobbly old bench under a plum tree and a tiny pond. Best of all, it backs on to the woods, separated only by a winding stream.

Studio windows

I'm still settling in, still moving paintings and furniture around, but already it's proving a wonderful space to work in...and that surprises me. I've always been partial to multi-studio buildings where one is working in a community of other artists, yet I find I'm reveling in this solitary space. I seem to be to be going into a phase of my life where quiet, privacy, and close access to nature feeds my work and feeds my soul. And the commute from home is rather nice too: I just walk up the hill and I'm there.

The Muse of Bumblehill


Painting side of studio, looking toward writing side

Studio couch

The Bumblehill studio, painting side

Tilly now spends her days with me, snoozing on the couch, or spying, on cats through the big windows, or basking in the sun on the garden bench.

The bench under the plum tree

Howard's workspace (the cabin at the back of our yard) is just on the other side of the hedge, and being so close to home we can all lunch together as a family now. So this is not only a new studio but a whole new rhythm of life: in and out of the woods with Tilly instead of in and out of other studios downtown. My work is bound to change here. And I eager to see what emerges....

View from the studioView from the studio