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Carnival Time

The tune for today:

It's a holiday weekend here in Devon, and a beautiful, crisp, autumn-is-coming kind of day. I've come online just long enough to post the video above, and then I'm taking heed of  Stornoway's beautiful song by turning the computer off and heading to the woods, Tilly at my heels....

Stornoway's tune is called "We are the Battery Human." (The title refers to "battery" chickens -- a term for factory farmed chickens that I believe is more widely used here in England than in the US.) These lads come from Oxford, and their first CD, Beachcomber's Windowsill, was released earlier this year. (I posted another song from it back in June.) In the video above, they are playing at New York's Mercury Lounge during their first U.S. tour this summer.