Trees . . .
A French/English Mythic Arts Collaboration . . .

Trees, Part II

Finding spirited presences in trees has long been part of woodland myth and folkore world wide. Here are other "tree people" images by some of my favorite mythic artists:

Trees by Arthur RackhamIllustrations by Arthur Rackham 


From "The Land of Froud" by Brian Froud

Tree Sculpture by Virginia Lee

"Tree Girl," a mixed-media sculpture by Virginia Lee

"Miss Birch," a drawing by Virginia Lee

"Dryad," a mixed-media sculpture by Beckie Kravetz

"Paper Birds," a painting by Steven Kenny


"Sweet Chestnut," a ceramic sculpture by Fidelma Massey

And one more tree drawing of mine, called "Tree Caps":

Tree Caps


Great collection, thank you!

So beautiful....thank you! A lovely start to the day

Beautiful images. I think we need to rediscover the truth of a living presence within trees...perhaps it might make it a little harder to clear-fell them.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful journey! Sir Lanvel sounds really wonderful. Thank you as well for the beautiful tree images.

Very nice. It reminds me of drawings my 16-year-old daughter creates. It's beyond talent. It's pure and remarkable imagination. Thanks for sharing these.

Just wanted to share a sample of my daughter's work. She's just a junior in high school, but some day she plans to incorporate her art into a career of some sort.

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