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Love and Music

Do you folks all know about the "One Giant Leap" project? It was created by Jamie Cato (of Faithless) and Duncan Bridgeman -- who have gone around the world twice now, interviewing people from all walks of life and drawing musicians from a wide variety of cultural traditions, both ancient and modern, into an extraordinary musical tapestry. Their first journey resulted in the 1 Giant Leap CD and Video (2002), and their second journey in What About Me? (2008).

The music video above, "Braided Hair," is my favorite from the first CD/DVD. (Ten points to anyone who can spot and name the Native American singing group that appears in the video briefly!) The video below, on the subject of love, comes from the team's second journey around the world (with thanks to Em, who posted it on her blog this weekend, reminding me how much I love this project. I know the team's cameraman, so I was fortunate enough to see some of the footage as it was collected.) The second video is a long one, but it's worth taking the time to see in full, as the music gets progressively more amazing.